NYX or a Gutter-punk’s Wet Dream

NYX (District X, NYC) Issues 1-6 : Written by Joe Quesada : Reviewed by Wendigo


NYX tells the story of a group of homeless teenage mutants living on the fringes of society in New York City, or I guess it would be better said that NYX is trying really super hard to tell that story, as the first 6 issues (of 13) have done little more than introduce us to the main characters of the series, along with some lesser players.

Although it is worth mentioning that in issue 3 of NYX, X-23 (Laura Kinney) makes her first comic book appearance, so I guess that’s something.


While it seems NYX is moving pretty slowly for how few issues exist, the glimpses they’ve given into the different character’s lives has been worth the read thus far. The author has done a fantastic job in the characterization of the main character Kiden (pronounced like Kitten with a D in place of the Ts) Nixon (pictured above) and her scrappy band of mutants.

Sadly, while the issues are great looking, I can’t see myself reading it any further. While I might be passing judgment a bit soon, at this pace I really don’t think that much can/will happen, and there are so many other great comics to get into.

I really wonder if this might have been a better one-shot graphic novel than a limited (read as failed) series.

I’d suggest it to those that are feeling nostalgic for the dirty punk era of the late 90s, but looking back through rose tinted glasses usually can’t quite match up to the real thing.

Story: 6/10
Characters: 8/10
Overall Opinion: 7/10


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