Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Part 1

Reviewed by Wendigo


So, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen by Capcom…Holy shit!

While I’m just beginning to delve into the game, I’m really goddamn impressed by the level of character customization available. Hell yes I can make a male dwarf warrior with full on makeup, pigtails, and platemail if I want to, and I say it’s about damn time!

I know not everyone’s into the fantasy genre, and so I get that this game won’t be for everyone, but I personally can’t stop thinking about how I’m gonna advance my character and companions (henceforth known as Pawns) in the coming weeks, and geez I’ve only had my hands on the game for a couple of hours since it’s release yesterday (although admittedly, I spent a good chunk of that time meticulously playing with the character customization tools before I even got started D:).

Oh and one last thing before I forget and/or pass out into sweet sleep deprived bliss, did I mention that your character’s statistics are directly effected by the musculature, build, and (I believe) stature/posture of your character? “I mean, how badass can that be anyway?” you ask with some amount of uncertainty. “Unbelievably fucking badass” I do retort!

As I get further into the game over the next few weeks and/or when it’s not 2:59am I’ll delve deeper into the story and it’s system, but until then, I’m gonna pass out from exhaustion sleep.20130424-030451.jpg


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