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Lifetiming: A Devil in the Flesh

As the type of person who watches Lifetime movies for fun, I have a lot of free time on Friday nights. I spend them watching some god-awful made-for-TV-movies, and drinking. This week I’ll be reviewing an unthrilling thriller entitled, “Devil … Continue reading

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Drinking Alone and Cats: Why the two are related

Pink Moscato. The most shameful of alone drinking alcohol. I hear whispers of my past family’s alcoholism slither past my ear. This is a sign of sorts, I suppose. I justify it by being bored. And alone. Who ever decided … Continue reading

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Bedbugs and Break-ins: A Detroit Story

“It’s good I got off early, I have a table to steal.” “Steal?” “Well, not really. It’s by the dumpster, so that makes it anyone’s, right?” “Oh yeah, take that shit.” “It’s really old, cool looking writing table, just what … Continue reading

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Drunken Dames and Dragons Preview

I’m so happy I was patient, because the RPG that I finally dug up from some dark corner of DC++ is a real gem. Straight from 1982 comes Alma Mater: The High School RPG. So not only do we get … Continue reading

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A Bead of Blood (Wiccan-Were-Bear)

I’m currently devouring a half-pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream, wrapped in a blanket, rocking myself back and forth in a comforting motion. Sometimes, my cat misjudges her positioning while using her litter box, and shits on my wall. These remissed excrements … Continue reading

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Critical Failure: Your Character has Died – An Introduction

With the formation of Weltschmerz, I can finally put my ungodly collection of Tabletop Roleplaying Game PDFs to some sort of heinous use! In Critical Failure: Your Character has Died, I’ll be reviewing different RPG systems and sourcebooks (and with … Continue reading

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I drink weird things: AMAzon Coconut Water

When I was first started to browse the web, one of my favorite sites was I don’t know exactly what it was about the humor that brought me back over and over again. It was probably because it’s over-the-top, … Continue reading

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