Dragon’s Dogma : Dogma’s Dragon

So I return I Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen or more precisely I don’t… It seems like whenever I’m given the free time (and since I’ve starting a new job there hasn’t been a great deal of it * sad face*) and could easily turn on my PS3 to play the game, I’ve turned to watching Bones on Hulu+ or something equally sedative.

It’s not that I’ve completely changed my opinion of the game, really it’s a lot of fun … but I haven’t found myself really drawn into the game’s storyline, and oddly enough, neither has my most illustrious companion.

While I contented myself to wandering the countryside (and from time to time, accidentally falling off cliffs and dying a terrible death) for awhile, even the sprawling landscapes only held my attention for so long. I feel, in a way, that my fiancé’s attention to the overarching narrative is also falling away, as he started just looking online for the mobs with the best loot and the quickest instanced dungeon cash grabs.

While I’m sure the game has a wonderfully, and maybe even over the top, sweet ass story, I have, as of yet, felt uninspired to put in the time and effort to see it played out.

Maybe I’ll return to it once I’ve got a bit more free time (hah!), but for now I’m keeping myself busy with something completely different (insert sarcastic smirk) … Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter Online!

Fine, it’s still a fantasy genre game, and fine, it’s still got all the trappings of medieval life, but I’m a sucker for all things D&D /drool (well besides that D&D Next bullshit, but that’s another story entirely).

So unless Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen slaps me in the face with its dragon boner, which would be quite rude indeed! I don’t see myself going back and playing it much for the time being.

On a totally unrelated note though, being that it’s 4:11am… I guess I should head back to sleep, to dream of love lost and then found again in the strong arms of tabletop RPGs and/or games based in or on them ❤

Until later, Wendigo signing out.

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