Critical Failure: Your Character has Died – An Introduction

With the formation of Weltschmerz, I can finally put my ungodly collection of Tabletop Roleplaying Game PDFs to some sort of heinous use!

In Critical Failure: Your Character has Died, I’ll be reviewing different RPG systems and sourcebooks (and with what I can only hope will include a smattering of terrible 90s RPGs, among other atrocities) from time to time, and then forcing the others to play an adventure scenario, while I record the session for the posterity of all.


What da’ fuck am I?

It saddens me then to report that I’ve thrown in the towel with regards to my first choice, a book I’d had high hopes for called Spacemaster: Privateers. As I got into reading it I found it to be so grossly, unnecessarily complex, so much so in fact that it would be far beyond the attention spans my colleagues have for such things.


Seven Foot Tall, Plasma Gun Wielding, Samurai Tiger Alien? Sign me up Space Commander!

While it may take me a few days to find a particularly gruesome replacement RPG to press upon Ethos and Kid Cork, when I do find it I’ll be sure to give up some sort of preview to the masses, a hint of what’s to come for the others I suppose. Until then though, stay classy Space Cadets!

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