Drunken Dames and Dragons Preview

I’m so happy I was patient, because the RPG that I finally dug up from some dark corner of DC++ is a real gem. Straight from 1982 comes Alma Mater: The High School RPG.

Because who wouldn’t wanna relive this?

So not only do we get to experience high school again, with all of it’s cliques and shallow generalizations, we get to do it from the viewpoint of a teenager living in the 80’s from the viewpoint of a 30 year old man.

Looking pretty hot there tootsie!

Lookin’ really bitchin’ there Sandy!

Funny-Advertisement-Meat-SludgeBesides the fact that I have no idea why this needs to exist (let alone does), from just flipping through the PDF I’ve already stumbled across stereotype after stereotype as well as this insightful instance of accidental(?) racism.


God I’m so ready to blast some hair metal ballads and rock out to Alma Mater, this is gonna be fuckin’ epic… ::evil smirk::

d765ddd80b42cc7ed1d59e1f782ce09fOn another far superior note though, I hereby announce the formation of Drunken Dames and Dragons! The drunk rpg guinea pigs review team.

Until later, Wendigo signing out.

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