Starcraft 2: It’s just like crack, only cheaper.


Sometimes it takes just a small push to jump off into the deep end, for me it was barely even a nudge. All it took was me watching a long video by veteran Starcraft player and streamer Day(9) .


It seems like a silly thing really, but listening to the stories of his career in the game really inspired me to want to start playing it again, and to learn and grow in the scope of Starcraft 2. I felt a deep sense of nostalgia while watching his video, and while it seems that most often when you try to recapture that spark, that it ends up being snuffed back out before it can consume you, this time it feels different.

I haven’t found myself so singularly focused on any one game since I was in my early teens, playing whatever tactical RPG I had for the PS1/PS2 at the time.


When I was younger I’d played Starcraft 1 for a couple of years, I really fondly remember beating the campaign multiple times, but I never played against other players that I can remember. I never even knew the community was as large as it was, let alone that there were tournaments.

With this iteration of the game though, I feel that no matter how many times I lose to better players, that I’m learning something about strategy, build order (the order in which you choose to construct your units for maximum efficiency or specific goals), and a million other things.

Day by day my average actions per minute (actions with my units) slowly rises, not by much, but by just enough so that I know I’m making progress.

I want to thank Day(9) for reigniting an old passion of mine with stories of his journey through life as a pro SC/SC2 player.

Day by day, little by little, I’m accomplishing something important; breaking out of the confines of Weltschmerz and reaching spasmodically toward a sense of realized wonderment .


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