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May include a giant mechanized spider

We’re getting ready to play what will probably be a favorite of mine, Deadlands: Reloaded. I’ve never played anything that uses the Savage Worlds system, but it looks different, and more importantly, is easy to pick up. The setting is … Continue reading

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Sharknado: Worse than Troll 2.

Sharknado is a depressing awful mess. It can’t even be classified as a bad movie. Trolls 2 was a bad movie. Sharknado is worse; it’s a lazy movie. This is the Jack & Jill of B movies, folks. See, although … Continue reading

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Horror Movies Don’t Scare Me (And how they could.)

Like the endless search for the perfect fitting bra, I am forever looking for a movie which actually scares me. I don’t mean ones that make me feel physically ill or make me think, like Irreversible or Funny Games. I … Continue reading

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We’re now on iTunes, well Drunken Dames and Dragons is…

Alma Mater: The High-school RPG Episode the first. You should probably listen to this, or at least politely consider it as an option.

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Turned: Book #1 in the Vampire Journals

It seems I can’t get away from series in this genre. Yet again I’m reviewing a novel that  requires more time than I should spend on mockery, and is written for young adults. I’d like any readers to keep in … Continue reading

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Lifetiming: Cabin by the Lake

So this movie wasn’t made for TV by Lifetime Channel, but it was on Lifetime when I watched it so I thought, why not? Cabin by the Lake stars Judd Nelson, AKA “Nostrils” from the movie The Breakfast Club, and … Continue reading

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All Urban Legends Are True: Except Bigfoot (and what to expect…)

In this segment of the blog I’ll be reviewing Urban Fantasy novels, and while I’ve gotta admit (although rather embarrassingly) that this sub-genre of Speculative Fiction is one of my guilty pleasures, I find that like their close cousin the … Continue reading

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