All Urban Legends Are True: Except Bigfoot (and what to expect…)

In this segment of the blog I’ll be reviewing Urban Fantasy novels, and while I’ve gotta admit (although rather embarrassingly) that this sub-genre of Speculative Fiction is one of my guilty pleasures, I find that like their close cousin the paranormal vampire novel, the vast majority of these books often feature impossibly beautiful Mary-Sue insertions, heroines that sport high-heeled boots, a corset, and little else, or clinically depressed teenagers with superhuman abilities that just need a little Prozac.


In her defense, she’s wearing a corset AND a skirt!

The trick is weeding through all the sub-par nonsense in an attempt to find something worth reading … and god can it be a struggle. For every realistic bad ass chick, there are a hundred hormonal witch were-demon hybrid gunslingers or something equally enraging.


Don’t kid yourself, you know you’d read the shit outta this book…

What kind of message are we collectively trying to send when sassy elf werewolves are the best and brightest we have to offer? I’ll do my very best to steer clear of any sort of Vampire novel, as that’s Kid Cork’s area of sexpertise, and I have no idea how she keeps her sanity intact actually.


Seriously? I was kidding, why does this need to exist…?

In the name of science (and possibly masochism), I’ll subject myself to a myriad of urban fantasy novels for the betterment of mankind, and with any luck I’ll drag up a few worthwhile titles up from the dark depths.

I swear … some do exist D:

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