I’ve never been a fan of labels, but issues with identity have become increasingly evident in our society and you would have to be pretty isolated not to notice. I honestly can’t keep track of all of the categories that one can identify with now and I certainly feel guilty from my lack of interest. It’s hard not to when I am constantly faced with issues of human equality. Of course, I can safely say that I support equal rights for anyone regardless of sexuality or gender identity. But today I discovered why my indifference is so prevalent in my mind when searching for an answer to which category I reside.

I don’t remember how I came across the term, but today I learned about agender people. I was immediately intrigued and momentarily convinced that this was an answer to my struggle. But again, my disinterest in associating myself with labels prevailed. Agender basically means that you lack a gender. Some agender people prefer they/them pronouns and some undergo transition processes to be more comfortable with their bodies.

Even with all of the issues that are coming to light and all of the categories of identification that have emerged, we still tend to think that things are supposed to be a certain way. I recently watched the documentary (A)sexual. I was shocked by the way asexuals are treated by the very people who are fighting to be accepted in a heteronormative society. But what resonates with me the most is that we still believe that there is a clear distinction between male and female. We learn so much more these days about people who were born with the wrong identity but what about the people who are lost somewhere in between? Maybe there aren’t a lot of us, but it is important to remember that we are all fighting for the same things. And the bottom line is that everyone is continuously fighting to figure out who they are.

I’m not going to act like I’m an expert in this subject after looking at a few websites but the important part of this encounter is that I realized something about myself: I don’t identify with any gender. I certainly don’t identify with being a male and I really don’t care much about being a female. I mean, I’m not about to tell my friends to start calling me “they” or anything but things are starting to make sense for me now.  I have never cared about gender. And that is why I am indifferent toward labels regarding identity and sexuality. I don’t mind being a girl and I have no desire to alter my life in any way but I am glad that I came to this realization. Things are becoming much clearer. One issue, for example, that has been resolved completely for me is that of the “gamer girl.” I have never cared about this topic or had any desire to change the video game industry but that makes sense — I don’t care because I don’t identify as a girl.

I guess I just wanted to get this out and celebrate the fact that I learned something important about myself today. I’ve always known these things but I’ve never had the desire to put them into words until now. So here’s to all of the people like me who aren’t interested in labels and just want to identify with being a human being.

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One Response to Gender

  1. Wendigo says:

    As one may infer, I have concerns and/or complete non-concerns about gender and identity in my own ways as well, I’m just extremely lucky to have found a partner in my Most Gratious Companion A, that is so supportive of me not fully identifying with any one thing, and never trying to fit me into any box. I’m happy that you’ve came to some sort of understanding about yourself, it makes me happy to hear. I identify a bit with genderqueer or Agendered I guess, but like you, I have no interest in ever being called anything other than her and I’d slap a bitch that’d try to call me zie or them. I ❤ you Sera Sera, talk to you soon.

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