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Drunken Dames and Dragon’s has been updated!

You can now listen to Alma Mater – Session 1 Part 1, Session 1 Part 2, and a revised edition of our inaugural Alma Mater intro episode with all of the mechanics of the terrible system chopped out. Look for … Continue reading

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May include a giant mechanized spider

We’re getting ready to play what will probably be a favorite of mine, Deadlands: Reloaded. I’ve never played anything that uses the Savage Worlds system, but it looks different, and more importantly, is easy to pick up. The setting is … Continue reading

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Sharknado: Worse than Troll 2.

Sharknado is a depressing awful mess. It can’t even be classified as a bad movie. Trolls 2 was a bad movie. Sharknado is worse; it’s a lazy movie. This is the Jack & Jill of B movies, folks. See, although … Continue reading

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I like Anime

A Confession I was one of the founding members of my high school’s anime club. It wasn’t my idea, but I was there from day one. I’ve been to anime cons. Not comic conventions, but conventions strictly for anime. My … Continue reading

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I drink weird things: AMAzon Coconut Water

When I was first started to browse the web, one of my favorite sites was I don’t know exactly what it was about the humor that brought me back over and over again. It was probably because it’s over-the-top, … Continue reading

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